Amoeba’s Latest Adventure

Amoeba has decided to expand it’s adventure game shops with several new games today. The list of games that Amoeba Adventure has is simply going up and up. We are slowly adding more and more arcade games to our arena buildings in hope of more and more customers visiting us and for longer duration. We have also increased the number of times one can play a game in one refill, so more people continue to trust and play with us. This way we are trying to discourage competition by keeping lower margins.

The latest games that we are working on are:

Hill Climb Racing – This is a fun game to play, a driving or racing based game but slightly different. Here in this game you are not competing with other players but playing alone. Your task is to travel as far as you can in a given map with a choice of your vehicle. The game is not at all easy, it is quite challenging actually. The maps have a very weird patterns and it is not at all easy to drive in these maps. Each map will have it’s own share of difficulties and thus proper vehicle must be chosen for a given individual map or else it becomes tough to cross. You will need to collect tons of coins if you want to unlock all maps and vehicles and that is where our game hack for hill climb racing comes into play.

Subway Surfers – This is a really fun and interesting game where you have to endlessly run, collecting coins and dodging trains. This is a game where if you don’t run, you will get caught by the Police. The police never makes a mistake and so if you halt for a second also, they will catch you. Your task in this game is to run for as long as you can without getting caught and while running, you must collect as many coins along the way. These coins that you collect can be used to buy special upgrades like improved shoes, magnet etc. The basic idea in this game is to make as high score as possible, beat your friends score. Thus collecting coins is important and there comes the importance of our game hack for subway surfers that promises to deliver you lots of coins almost instantly.

If you ever find these games difficult, do write to us so one of us can really help you out.

Amoeba’s New Investments

Amoeba has finally decided that we are going to grab more money from our investors and invest them into the upcoming latest games that are doing the rounds. We are quite optimistic with regards to all these new smart phone games that are hitting the market and we believe that they have the biggest potential in this world. Almost all our gaming investments in the last few months have been a big success and thus we are grabbing attention from a lot of investors who want to work with us. We are gunning for two new games this summer:

Pixel Gun 3D is fast catching all the attention of youngsters lately. We have been researching on this game for a few months now and all we see is a trend and that trend is going upwards. What we have identified in this game is a few flaws which we believe can easily be fixed with some money. So that is why we want to invest into this game and use that money to improve a few glitches and retain the millions of players and even advertise and get more. We have also worked out a pixel gun 3d hack software that will give away lots of coins to needy customers and help retain those players in the game.

8 Ball Pool Hack has been on our radar for over a year but the game was so very popular that we were just not able to get the right valuation. Now we have managed to grab the game as our previous investments were yielding serious profits. Actually we sold off one of the investments, that was in Jungle Heat as we believe with new similar games hitting the market, we did not think highly of the game. So Pool is a game we really like and we believe games like these will never die as it will always be a good time pass to people. People can get bored of story games but not time pass games like Pool as there will always be something new to fight in a game of Pool. We have identified a secret 8 ball pool hack software that will fetch coins to needy players, like small kids who cannot purchase real coins, this will help us retain a lot of players and keep the game active and lively.

We have lots of tricks up our sleeves as we are investors in these games and we must keep finding out ways to keep our investments going strong.

Amoeba Is Back!

Hi friends, we are back with a new game article after quite a while. Yes we had been very busy lately and had no time to write about games. Now that we are back we hope to continue writing at least one article in a few weeks if not more. The basic idea of this blog was to share interesting games with our readers and that we continue to do, although slower than what we thought initially.

Pou is one of the games that we are going to discuss today. It is a fun game, based on a virtual pet game. If you had played virtual pet games from Zynga you would know what this game is all about. Basically you have to take care of your favourite pet that is playing with it, feeding it, taking it outside for a walk or a game in the playground. Treat it like it is your real pet and your pet will be very happy. The pet also sends you notifications from time to time if you are not keeping it happy, so don’t worry about the pet dying on you. We have added this game to the list of downloads, it is a free game but just that ours is a fully unlocked game, thanks to this pou hack software.

The next game as usual on our list is a strategy based war game and the game is called clash of clans. Clash of clans is one of the most played games of all time. There is no kidding that this game has really taken over people’s minds and blown it apart. Yes this is the most fun game ever made and we still continue to play it. The game is only getting better as time passes and thus today we are making sure that all of you play this game and contribute to the ever growing community of this game. For that we are also offering you guys unlimited gems as a free gift to come and play this game. Now get free coc gems for almost no cost at all. Yes you heard it right! Download Clash of Clans today and avail this special offer at no price at all.

So people, we are going to come back to you guys again next week, stay tuned folks!

How to Love Your Partner Better

Today at Amoeba we are going to teach young kids a lesson on how to love their partners better and keep things interesting in a relationship. We at Amoeba every weekend offer some great lessons to kids and for them to stay interested in our lessons, we give them free gifts and vouchers. With the help of these gifts and vouchers, we make young people listen to our lessons and that is our contribution in making this world better, safer and more fun.

We believe that to keep things good and happy in a relationship, it is important to care for your partner. Love is an interesting and an exciting concept and to keep it that way, we have to work hard and keep things alive. For starters, always make sure that you spend time with your loved one. Listen to them, their problems or if there are none, then at least ask them how was their day and what they did. It tells your partner that you are interested to know what is happening in her life and you care about them. Most failed relationships are thus because people don’t show that they care. If you don’t care about what your partner is doing why will she care about loving you?

Many times people think that one does not have to show love, it is all self assumed that the two partners love each other and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. Well, the basic idea here is that everything is self assumed. It’s like no need to exercise or stay fit, I know that I must stay fit in my mind and I will stay fit and lose weight. Does it work like that? No.

It is must for you to show to your loved ones that you really love them and care for them. If you fail to spend time with them, show them how much you care about them, they may slowly start to lose interest and there the relationship goes downhill. Please don’t do that. Just go to lovequotesforhimm website and see all kinds of love quotes, happy, sad, romantic etc ones and mug some of them up that suits your girl or your guy. One of the most simple ways to understand love is to share some of the love quotes from time to time. Love Quotes is an interesting and a fun way to showcase your love. You may not understand it but when you use these love quotes regularly, you’ll see them smiling each time and you will simply love it.

Sometimes seeing your love partner smile is enough to keep you happy for a long time to come.

Amoeba Online New Games

Amoeba is proud to announce some new games which have been added to it’s kitty recently. Amoeba as you know invests into a lot of games and gaming companies, has recently bought out a few games, well not 100% but a small stake. These games have become really big with millions of players worldwide, so we could only afford a small stake in them. Nevertheless let us look at these games:

Pou is a Pet based game which we have recently added to our kitty. Pou is basically an alien pet that you have to take care. There are various activities you can do with your pet. From giving it a shower to taking it outside in the playground to play with it and then most important part is feeding. Your pet generates coins every now and then which can be used to buy and upgrade new or existing items. It is over all a fun android game.

Monster Legends is a strategy game where you instead of a pet as above, you care about monsters, but here you don’t have a single monster to take care for. Here you have loads of monsters to deal with. You have to feed them and make them stronger. As monsters level, they grow up in size and get new skills which can be utilized when fighting other monsters. An interesting portion is monster legends breed legendary, it helps you get new legendary monsters and you can use them to win battles in arena or score higher in the adventure map.

Clash of Clans is yet another strategy game where we have eyed a stake. We were always interested in this game. Clash of Clans is the most famous strategy game ever made on the history of the smart phone gaming world. Following this game, we’ve got like a billion such game apps over time. This is a fast paced game where you build your base, make an army and go out on war. Raid others, loot resources and grow yourself. We are also working on a game guide that can help you learn how to get free gems in clash of clans. The gems are powerful in game currency and help you steer ahead in the game.

We are also eyeing a funny game called Make it Rain where you have to make cash rain. It offers you to make virtual money via clicking cash bills, offline per hour basis and per second basis on game. This is a fun game, similar to Adventure Capitalist, but different. The game is still being refined, the developers told us. We invested in the game to make it better and stronger as we see good potential there.

Amoeba Investments: Xbox One Games Top Focus

Amoeba is proud to share this news it’s readers and followers. Amoeba which is a leading Arcade Game owners in India, is now foraying into the Smartphone/PC/Console gaming business. Amoeba is in talks with some of the leading game franchises of this world. The reason why we are foraying into the Xbox One game business is because of the revolution which is happening in the smartphone business. But at the very moment we want to leverage even the PC and Console gaming opportunities, so we are selectively investing into businesses that are launching their games not just for the computer but also for the smartphone. We have selected a few companies and games for our investment purpose:

Xbox Live: First thing we are going to focus on is Xbox One gaming console. Our favorite gaming console is Xbox One and we love it far more than Sony PS4. Xbox One has been our darling ever since it came out a few years ago and we knew that this is going to be a top gaming console of this world. Although to the contrary it is lagging PS4, but we think this is lack of adaptation in many countries that has led to this situation. We are particularly interested in the Live Multiplayer portion of gaming. We believe that with growing internet connectivity across the world and increasing bandwidth, we see more and more user base for multiplayer gaming. Any user can today getxblcodes and connect to the live game server of Xbox and play live. How easy has it become in today’s world? With internet, I am sure that more and more people are going to join these game servers and maybe tomorrow PS4 and Xbox One may have a combined game server? Interesting?

FiFa – FIFA is one of the best game franchises, run by EA Games. FIFA game franchise has been listed as a subsidiary and thus it is possible for Amoeba to invest into this game franchise selectively. It would not have been possible to invest into EA Games to get any controlling stake in any of it’s game because this company is way too bigger than ours. We are more interested in investing into a select game as we believe this football game franchise is expected to do very well.

Cheap Games Canada – This is one of the leading companies running in Canada that sells cheap games to the people across the world. For a lot of people who cannot afford to buy these games, buy from some of these discount sellers. Due to these companies selling games at a discount, many people, specially students end up purchasing these games from them.

Social Point: We are also in talks with Social Point, a Spanish company that develops games for smartphone. Their games are free to play, pay to enhance the account. Their free games attract a lot of people across the world and a small percentage of people actually pay to enhance their account or resource collection. The model works just perfect because many of these free playing users also pay in future if they really love the game and want to proceed further. This company has brought out some leading games like Monster Legends and Dragon City. So we are interested in them.

If you know some other popular companies that are not yet fully valued to full potential, write to us.

Amoeba Limo Services For India

The brand Amoeba is proud to present today it’s own fleet of High Luxury Limousine service for India. Amoeba is a famous brand and has a strong image and reputation in this country. Amoeba already runs a lot of arcade stores in this country and several apparel stores in America and Europe. Amoeba is a large corporate that is working in various sections with each section having their own dedicated team with no interference. Amoeba only wants to see performance and as long as the teams are giving good performance and showing growth in the business, nobody even questions them.

Recently Amoeba owners were in New York and were stuck in a restaurant due to heavy rain. The restaurant owners suggested using the Limousine services from Limo NJ (a famous service provider based in New Jersey). The owners quickly took out their smart phone and went to the website of this service provider and registered there. After adding source and destination address, it quickly sent out the request to various limo partners. Within a few minutes they were contacted by lots of Limo providers with their quotes and other charges. In matter of minutes all booking was completed and a limousine arrived in the next 10-15minutes to their location. The car that came was in excellent shape and the ride quality was very comfortable. The driver that came with the car was really polite and smiled quite a bit.

The Amoeba owners were very pleased with the experience of hiring a Limousine, they usually rented a cab but that day there were no cabs available in nearby location, probably because of a cab holiday that day. After this memorable experience the Amoeba owners made a plan to foray into this field. First they met the owners of this company and talked about investing in their business which was readily agreed for. As investors they requested the company to build a similar service for them that will work in India and here we are today, the services are being launched in India.

Amoeba is proud to present you Amoeba Limo Services, exclusively for India. These services are first being launched as trial purpose in Bangalore and Mumbai and if things go well, this model will be replicated in New Delhi and Kolkata also. All they have to do is to take necessary permissions and register their service and boom it is launched.