Amoeba Limo Services For India

The brand Amoeba is proud to present today it’s own fleet of High Luxury Limousine service for India. Amoeba is a famous brand and has a strong image and reputation in this country. Amoeba already runs a lot of arcade stores in this country and several apparel stores in America and Europe. Amoeba is a large corporate that is working in various sections with each section having their own dedicated team with no interference. Amoeba only wants to see performance and as long as the teams are giving good performance and showing growth in the business, nobody even questions them.

Recently Amoeba owners were in New York and were stuck in a restaurant due to heavy rain. The restaurant owners suggested using the Limousine services from Limo NJ (a famous service provider based in New Jersey). The owners quickly took out their smart phone and went to the website of this service provider and registered there. After adding source and destination address, it quickly sent out the request to various limo partners. Within a few minutes they were contacted by lots of Limo providers with their quotes and other charges. In matter of minutes all booking was completed and a limousine arrived in the next 10-15minutes to their location. The car that came was in excellent shape and the ride quality was very comfortable. The driver that came with the car was really polite and smiled quite a bit.

The Amoeba owners were very pleased with the experience of hiring a Limousine, they usually rented a cab but that day there were no cabs available in nearby location, probably because of a cab holiday that day. After this memorable experience the Amoeba owners made a plan to foray into this field. First they met the owners of this company and talked about investing in their business which was readily agreed for. As investors they requested the company to build a similar service for them that will work in India and here we are today, the services are being launched in India.

Amoeba is proud to present you Amoeba Limo Services, exclusively for India. These services are first being launched as trial purpose in Bangalore and Mumbai and if things go well, this model will be replicated in New Delhi and Kolkata also. All they have to do is to take necessary permissions and register their service and boom it is launched.

Amoeba Invests into Computer Games

Amoeba is proud to share this news it’s readers and followers. Amoeba which is a leading Arcade Game owners in India, is now foraying into the Smartphone/PC/Console gaming business. Amoeba is in talks with some of the leading game franchises of this world. The reason why we are foraying into the game business is because of the revolution which is happening in the smartphone business. But at the very moment we want to leverage even the PC and Console gaming opportunities, so we are selectively investing into businesses that are launching their games not just for the computer but also for the smartphone. We have selected a few companies and games for our investment purpose:

FiFa – FIFA is one of the best game franchises, run by EA Games. FIFA game franchise has been listed as a subsidiary and thus it is possible for Amoeba to invest into this game franchise selectively. It would not have been possible to invest into EA Games to get any controlling stake in any of it’s game because this company is way too bigger than ours. We are more interested in investing into a select game as we believe this football game franchise is expected to do very well. We are also in talks with FIFA 16 coin generator to help those players get the coins without having to go bankrupt.

Cheap Games Canada – This is one of the leading companies running in Canada that sells cheap games to the people across the world. For a lot of people who cannot afford to buy these games, buy from some of these discount sellers. Due to these companies selling games at a discount, many people, specially students end up purchasing these games from them.

Social Point: We are also in talks with Social Point, a Spanish company that develops games for smartphone. Their games are free to play, pay to enhance the account. Their free games attract a lot of people across the world and a small percentage of people actually pay to enhance their account or resource collection. The model works just perfect because many of these free playing users also pay in future if they really love the game and want to proceed further. This company has brought out some leading games like Monster Legends and Dragon City. So we are interested in them.

If you know some other popular companies that are not yet fully valued to full potential, write to us.

Amoeba Online Shopping

Amoeba, as you know is one of the largest brands across this globe. We have shops in India, Singapore, Europe, America etc and we sell various products across our stores. We are into apparels, clothing, accessories and other branded clothing products. After a decade of operations and huge success of our stores, we have decided to take the plunge into jewellery business. This year we are going to open our first ten stores, one each in ten different countries. In the beginning we are going to try out our luck by opening a store in the capital city of the capital state of the countries where we already operate.

Our jewellery stores are going to be slightly different than other jewellery stores that you usually spot around. Our stores are famous for it’s lower priced tags and our customers are usually not the ones who can afford super expensive brands and thus come to us. We give high quality items at prices that are not just reasonable but unbeatable. We wish to replicate this business model in our jewellery stores as well. Instead of traditional diamond business, we have entered into an arrangement with moissanite making company to sell moissanite jewellery.

We wish to promote our jewellery business as a Moissanite Jewellery business where products comes with a ten to twenty times lower price tag than real diamonds. We believe that there is no difference in the look and feel of a moissanite metal against a diamond metal. We did exclusive tests in the real world as well as online and not a single person correctly pointed out a moissanite. Almost everyone thought that we had diamond jewellery in our hands and funny thing is that half the people had no clue what is a moissanite diamond.

A moissanite diamond is one of the leading competitors of real diamond and that is primarily because of a lower price tag it carries. See, not everyone can afford to buy a real diamond jewellery unless they wish to go bankrupt. Our customers specially will never want to spend on such expensive items. So when we put up hoardings in our stores talking about our jewellery business, we wish to target those people and make them visit our stores. If they visit and find only expensive diamonds, we will be able to sell absolutely nothing. We urge you to come visit our shops and make full use of the exclusive offers we have as promotion.